Friday, March 27, 2009

Signorelli Omni Organic Short Sleeve Tee

Signorelli Omni Organic Short Sleeve Tee

Signorelli fuses comfort with character by using first class fabrics that are embellished by hand and finished by heart. Signorelli tees are designed for an affiliated non-profit charity and a generous portion of proceeds are donated back, giving the Signorelli tradition to everyone who wears it. The Omni Organic Short Sleeve Tee is created for the Millennium Promise Project, aspires to end extreme poverty by the year 2025. This tee features an Africa-shaped palm in red, yellow and green, as well as an inspiring message across the inside! Finally, the bottom is printed with “2025” the year they promise to end extreme poverty! OmniPeace is a visionary company founded by entrepreneur Mary Fanaro where by 25% of net profits are donated to charities and organizations committed to promoting peace, sustainability and the end of extreme poverty by 2025 in sub-Saharan Africa. OmniPeace creates hip and fun T-Shirts, Chocolates, and a full range of accessories. The OmniPeace by Signorelli t-shirt has been seen on celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, David Beckham, and Zac Efron. Purchase the OmniPeace by Signorelli t-shirt today and make a difference.

Available at: CoutureCandy

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